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New Michigan Press produces a substantial number of broadsides, mostly artifacts celebrating readings and events. We've used various printing technologies (offset, laser, and letterpress, in addition to some manual interventions (one broadside from a ways back is splattered with red wine, for instance).

Many of these are out of print, but some of the more recent ones are still available, some in larger quantities.

Click the [info] after the broadside name, if available, for a low-res image, and an ordering link.

Unless otherwise noted, if in print, broadsides are $35 unsigned, $50 signed.

Shipping is $10 in a tube in the USA (we're happy to quote international shipping on request), or we'll provide a quote if you require shipping flat (shipping flat is more since it's trickier).

Send us a note at nmp--at--thediagram.com if you have questions, or want to inquire about a particular broadside (the press run, date, paper, event, etc.).

We sell (or in some cases distribute for free) these at the events they celebrate, but post-event they are available in this space.

  • Aurelie Sheehan, "My Invisible Tattoos" [info]
  • Peggy Shumaker, "A Day of Gifts" [info]
  • Maurya Simon, "Gone" [info]
  • Nicole Walker, "Surfaces, Depths, and Plenitude" [info]
  • Farid Matuk, "from NO ADDRESS" [info]
  • Jane Miller, "Whether the Goat is a Metaphor" [info]
  • Lydia Millet, "To Think / I Killed a Cat" [info]
  • Jenny Offill, "from Dept of Speculation" [info]
  • Elena Passarello, "Jumbo II" [info]
  • David Shields, "Letter to My Father" [info]
  • Brian Blanchfield, "On Containment" [info]
  • Karen Brennan, "Imminence" [info]
  • Julie Iromuanya, "from Mr and Mrs Doctor" [info]
  • Fenton Johnson, "The Man Who Loved Birds" [info]
  • Susan Briante, "Meditation" [info]
  • Alison Deming, "Zoologies" [info]
  • Farid Matuk, "My Daughter All Yourn" [info]
  • Jane Miller, "An Optimist & A Fantasist" [info]
  • Alberto Rios, "Sudden Smells, Sudden Songs" [info]
  • Aurelie Sheehan, "Cup of Coffee" [info]
  • Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "The Easement" [info]
  • Manuel Muñoz, "What You See in the Dark" [info]
  • Steve Orlen, "In Spring" (unsigned) [info]
  • Kate Bernheimer, "Whitework" [info]
  • Ander Monson, "Interiority" [info]
  • Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "In the Trade of Alive Letters Mis-Sent" [info]
  • Linda Gregerson, "Over Easy" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Ryan Harty, "from City of Broken Dreams" [info]
  • Chris Haven, "Moths"
  • Paul Muldoon, "A Porcupine" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • E. William Oldenburg, "Sticks, Stones, Bones, Poems"
  • William Olsen, "Good Morning" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Natasha Trethewey, "Liturgy" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Nicole Walker, "from Dissociation (the Natural Order)" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Kellie Wells, "Rabbit Catcher of Kingdom Come" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Kristin Gore, "from Sammy's Hill"
  • Jim Harrison, "Old Bird Boy" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Michael Martone, "A Leap Second"
  • Stanley Plumly, "When He Fell Backwards Into His Coffin" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Gary Snyder, "Cross Legg'd (for Carole)" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Joe Wenderoth, "The Arrows Are Lit" [info]
  • Junot Diaz, "Edison, New Jersey"
  • Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, "Cotton Field Sestina"
  • Jonathan Johnson, "The Killer Comes Home"
  • David Means, "Sault Ste. Marie" [info]
  • Sharon Olds, "The Unswept" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Sonia Sanchez, "Song No. 3" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Patricia Clark, "Out with the Monarch, the Vole, and the Toad"
  • Averill Curdy, "Winged"
  • Sarah Dickerson, "Visitation Rights"
  • Matt Dube, "Hollywood Homes"
  • Jim Harrison, "Cabbage" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Philip Levine, "Ashes" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Debra Marquart, "Agricultural Mysticism: Twenty Fragments on Desire"
  • Emma Ramey, "Study in Threes"
  • Peter Ramos, "The Put-Together Wedding Cake"
  • C. K. Williams, "Love: Shyness" (signed & unsigned) [info]
  • Charles Baxter, "from First Light"
  • Amy Benson, "Dearest Boy (Take 1")
  • Rita Dove, "Demeter's Prayer to Hades" [info]
  • Charles Wright, "As Our Bodies Rise, Our Names Turn Into Light" [info]
  • Daisy Dodge
  • John Pursley
  • Emma Ramey
  • Don Gilliland
  • Ben Gunsberg
  • Alicia Holmes
  • Baker Lawley
  • Ander Monson, "In My Armless Brother's Ink | Dream" [info]
  • Chad Moorer
  • Mark Neely
  • Molly Oberlin
  • Geoff Trumbo
  • Kevin Waltman
  • T.J. Beitelman
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Laura Didyk
  • Daisy Dodge
  • David Floyd
  • David Floyd (2)
  • Susan Goslee
  • Paul Guest
  • Paul Guest (2)
  • Robert Hartzell
  • Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis
  • Mark Neely
  • Leah Nielsen
  • Molly Oberlin
  • James Owens
  • Amanda Page
  • Chris Roman
  • Eliot Khalil Wilson
  • Jill Christman
  • Robin Cooper-Stone
  • Any Duncan
  • Tim Earley
  • Mark Ehling
  • Finley Evans
  • Angela Fountas
  • Zachary Jack
  • Phyllis Keith
  • C.D. Wright
  • Tommy Zurhellen
  • Brian Buckbee
  • Matthew Doherty
  • Stuart Flynn
  • Elaine Scudder-Walters
  • Tommy Zurhellen