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New Michigan Press is the publisher for the DIAGRAM series of print anthologies. Check them out and buy them below (all of them except for 10 of DIAGRAMs are available from Amazon and can be ordered in almost any bookstore via Baker & Taylor, also).

Anthologies are listed in reverse chronological order.

20 of DIAGRAMs

Our 20th anniversary anthology is a tarot deck: an exquisite literary object and a usable tarot deck usable for divination. As with our 10th anniversary poker deck, our contributors randomly selected cards and created new works in the spirit of the cards they drew. Unlike most of our anthologies, this features all new work and celebrates 20 damn years of publishing DIAGRAM, one of the oldest (and best we daresay) literary journals around.

The 20th anniversary deck features 78 tarot-sized (2.75" x 4.75") cards in the four suits (wands, swords, cups, pentacles) and the major arcana in a custom box.

Contributors: Kate Bernheimer, Chelsea Biondolillo, Venita Blackburn, Sarah Blackman, Jason Bredle, Susan Briante, Stephanie Burt, Megan Campbell, Mary Cappello, Dan Chaon, Jennifer S. Cheng, Parke Cooper, Lucy Corin, Johnny Damm, Lightsey Darst, Gabriel Dozal, Lindsey Drager, Mark Ehling, Hannah Ensor, Danielle Evans, Brian Evenson, Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas, Shannon Fields, Jim Fisher, Andie Francis, Ross Gay, Danielle Geller, Rachel Gold, Heidi Gotz, Lauren Groff, Raquel Gutiérrez, Patri Hadad, Eliza Harris, John Haskell, Jack Hereford, Emily Hochman, Caitlin Horrocks, W. Todd Kaneko, Paul La Farge, Lawrence Lenhart, J. Robert Lennon, Kelly Link, Sean Lovelace, Patrick Madden, Sabrina Orah Mark, Michael Martone, Maile Meloy, Gwyneth Merner, Philip Metres, Claire Meuschke, Jane Miller, Sarah Minor, Thomas Mira y Lopez, Ander Monson, Rick Moody, Dinty W. Moore, Manuel Muñoz, Gabriel Palacios, Elena Passarello, Heather Price-Wright, Kristen Radtke, EA Ramey, Sheryl St. Germain, Aurelie Sheehan, David Shields, Katie Jean Shinkle, Will Slattery, Lauren Slaughter, Aisha Sabatini Sloan, Amber Sparks, Susan Steinberg, Terese Svoboda, Emma Thomason, Melanie Rae Thon, Janet Towle, Deb Olin Unferth, Nicole Walker, Elissa Washuta, and Charles Yu.

$20 + shipping ($5 in US).


The fourth print installment of DIAGRAM can be yours for just $12 + $3 shipping (in US; international shipping will be more)!

Includes work selected from years 7-9 of the journal + a whole passel of found & recovered diagrams that you are just not going to find anywhere else (unless you are really, really hardcore).

CONTRIBUTORS: Marcia Aldrich, Steve Barbaro, Douglas Basford, Lindsay Bell, Samantha Bell, Elisabeth Benjamin, Ash Bowen, Jason Bredle, Nickole Brown, Stephen Burt, Blake Butler, Edmond Caldwell, Kate Hill Cantrill, Jimmy Chen, Nolan Chessman, Adam Clay, Juliet Cook, J. P. Dancing Bear, Lightsey Darst, Kirk Lee Davis, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Adam Fell, Matthew Gavin Frank, Emily Kendal Frey, Matthew Glenwood, Brent Goodman, Loren Goodman, Idris Goodwin, Amelia Gray, Marj Hahne, John Harper, Luis Felipe Hernandez, trans. Toshiya Kamei, Sean Hill, Eunsong Kim, Gareth Lee, Matt Leibel, Genine Lentine, Carlo Matos, Kyle McCord, Marc McKee, Ben Mirov, Trey Moody, Mark Neely, Amy Newman, JoAnna Novak, Brian Oliu, Kim Parko, Adam Peterson, Cecilia Pinto, Lia Purpura, Catie Rosemurgy, A. K. Scipioni, Glenn Shaheen, Nate Slawson, B. J. Soloy, Terese Svoboda, August Tarrier, J. Townsend, Michael Walsh, Kellie Wells, Cori A. Winrock, Joshua Jennings Wood, and Bill Yarrow.


10 of DIAGRAMs

(10th anniversary special print issue which is also a deck of cards)

(note: this is a limited edition, print run of 1000)

(click above for larger size)

10 of DIAGRAMs, an anthology celebrating ten years of this little kickass magazine, takes the form of a full deck of cards (poker-size). It is playable, an actual deck of cards. It is also readable, a special issue of DIAGRAM. It includes, as you may imagine, a number of new diagrams.

We asked former contributors and other favorite writer-types to pick a card, any card, and to write or draw or whatever a piece for that card. The piece--prose or poem or sometimes both--would have to indicate the suit and rank of the card, so the deck is actually usable for poker, euchre, old maid, etc.. It is also suitable for framing, gifting, and reading. Well, the fonts are occasionally a little small, as you may imagine. Plus there are a bunch of awesome new diagrams, as you might imagine.

Pictured at left is the (top) box front, (middle) box back, and (bottom) card back.

The writers who wrote pieces for us are Stephanie Anderson, Sarah Blackman, Jenny Boully, Jason Bredle, Lucy Corin, John D'Agata, Brian Evenson, Tom Fleischmann, Albert Goldbarth, Heidi Gotz, Caitlin Horrocks, Melanie Jordan, Paul La Farge, Dolly Laninga, Sean Lovelace, Barbara Maloutas, Ben Marcus, Michael Martone, Philip Metres, Ander Monson, Manuel Muñoz, Lia Purpura, Emma Ramey, Aurelie Sheehan, Michael Sheehan, Katie Jean Shinkle, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Bruce Smith, Nicole Walker, Kellie Wells, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Mark Yakich, Jake Adam York, and Charles Yu.

ISBN: 978-1-934832-23-3: $20.




(selections from issues 5.1-6.6 + many bonus diagrams)

You know it. You might love it. It's DIAGRAM III, the third print anthology from the NMP. For all your diagrammatic needs, or if you want a way to measure the leaping ability of common marmosets, or even if you just want another fix of your favorite work from the online magazine DIAGRAM: then this work is for you.

The textual contributors: Jason Fraley, Anne Germanacos, Andrew C. Gottlieb, Miriam Greenberg, Kelle Groom, Roger W. Hecht, Derek Henderson, Janis Butler Holm, Erika Howsare, Carrie Jerrell, Melanie Jordan, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Becca Klaver, David Koehn, Jason Koo, Sean Lovelace, Dawn Cunningham Luebke, Amanda Magnuson, Courtney Mandryk, Farah Marklevits, Michael Martone, Clay Matthews, Paul McCormick, Mark McKain, Marc McKee, Peter Mishler, Carol Novack, Kevin Oberlin, Anne Pepper, Simon Perchik, Dan Pinkerton, Derek Pollard, Francis Justine Post, Sima Rabinowitz, Billy Reynolds, Claudia Ryan, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Shya Scanlon, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, M. B. Seigel, Mike Smith, Jen Tynes, Matthew Vadnais, Gautam Verma, Caroline Wilkinson, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Caleb Wilson, Kevin Wilson, and Terry Wright.

(Note: if you're a DIAGRAM contributor included in this issue and haven't yet received a copy, let us know and we'll fire one off to you posthaste.)

Paperback, 6" x 9", 276pp.

ISBN: 978-1-934832-04-2: $14.

(Distributed by Baker & Taylor)


(selections from issues 3.1-4.6 + many bonus diagrams)

DIAGRAM.2 is the second excellent print anthology, hopefully useful to you in artifact slash book format as opposed to the sweet, sweet online goodness that is mostly DIAGRAM. This one you can hold in your hands, trade with your friends (collect all 500!), and gift and regift to your heart's content. You don't hate children, do you? Then (or even if you do) buy this bad boy today.

Paperback, 6" x 9", 256 pp, finely-designed, finely-printed.

Contributors: Nin Andrews, Christopher Arigo, R. S. Armstrong, Amanda Auchter, JoAnn Balingit, Michele Battiste, Robin Behn, F. J. Bergmann, Joe Bisz, Sarah Blackman, Anne Boyer, Jason Bredle, Carrie Comer, Greg Darms, Barbara DeCesare, Spencer Dew, Tim Earley, Jim Fisher, Angela Jane Fountas, Jamey Gallagher, Alice George, Jonathan Gibbs, Don Gilliland, Andrew C. Gottlieb, Rae Gouirand, Arielle Greenberg, Kate Greenstreet, Molly Bianca Gross, Matt Guenette, Paul Guest, Annalynn Hammond, Austin Hummell, Melanie Jordan, Melanie Kenny, C. F. Kimball, Matthew Kirby, L. S. Klatt, Sharon Kraus, Corinne Lee, Matthew Lippman, Duane Locke, Daniel Mahoney, Barbara Maloutas, Peter Markus, Clay Matthews, Deirdra McAfee, Jeffrey Morgan, Rachel Moritz, Simone Muench, Mark Neely, Lindsay Packer, Pedro Ponce, Joshua Poteat, Billy Reynolds, Mary Ann Rockwell, Michael J. Rosen, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Zachary Schomburg, Eric Schwerer, Alan Semerdjian, Ron Singer, Marcus Slease, Bruce Smith, Sara Jane Stoner, Jay Surdukowski, Molly Tenenbaum, John Terry, Jen Tynes, Jane Unrue, Gautam Verma, Virgil (trans. Kimberly Johnson), Benjamin Vogt, G. C. Waldrep, Fritz Ward, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Susan Settlemyre Williams, Steven Wingate, Mark Yakich, Jake Adam York, Scott Zieher.

ISBN: ISBN: 0-9762092-1-7: $12.95.

(Distributed by Baker & Taylor)

(Some from) DIAGRAM

(selections from issues 1.1-2.6 + many bonus diagrams)

(Some from) DIAGRAM: a Print Anthology features selections from our first two years plus much more. We love our online presence, but there is something about having the book, the fact of the thing, artifact, in front of you and thumbing through its pages. The art is crisper, more detailed, larger. The texts are even more satisfying. Plus you can rip out the pages of the pieces you just don't like. Smear the margins with your Dorito-stained or blood-stained fingers, depending whether you come from lunch or murder.

:: contributors: Claire Bateman, Michele Battiste, T. J. Beitelman, Andrew Bomback, Marni Borek, John Bradley, Joel Brouwer, Alissa Carrier, Geneva Chao, Maile Chapman, Laurence Davies, Andrew Davis, C. Nolan DeWeese, Brendan Egan, Mark Ehling, Daniel Paul Eness, Kevin Fanning, Eileen Favorite, Amalie Flynn, Benjamin Gantcher, Lara Glenum, Matthew Glenwood, Ray Gonzalez, Robert Gregory, Paul Guest, Paul Hamill, Paul Hardacre, Brandon Hobson, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Diane Kerr, Christine Boyka Kluge, Lindsay Knisely, Joshua Kryah, Norman Lock, Robert Hill Long, Jack Martin, Matt Mason, Medbh McGuckian, Philip Metres, Robert Miltner, Rita Moe, Ron Mohring, Simon Perchik, Drew Perry, matt robinson, Jeffrey Salane, Kate Schapira, Eric Schwerer, David Seiter, Brandon Shimoda, Michael Sowder, Bill Spratch, Victor Streeby, Eugene Thacker, Bob Thurber, Bryan Tomasovich, Paul A. Toth, Christiane Voisin, G. C. Waldrep, Scott Weaver, Derek White, Patti White, Caroline Wilkinson, Jake Adam York.

Paperback, 6.14" x 9.21", 228 pp, finely-designed, finely-printed.

ISBN: 0-9725095-8-5: $10.

(Distributed by Baker & Taylor)