C. Fred Dickason, Demon Possession & the Christian: a New Perspective, Crossway Books, 1987


If demons can invade a Christian, they have a natural resource to use, a territory of evil within through which they can influence and seek to control the Christian. If the believer is not aware of the danger posed by the flesh and by demons, he may ignore the signs of demonic incursion.

Figure 1 seeks to depict schematically the dynamic attempt of inhabiting demons to control the mind of the believer.


Case 2. Alice, who had self-image problems.... This registered nurse had been invaded by a group of demons headed by a throne called Non-Acceptance.... The greater detail of the session is instructive here.

"My friend is getting stronger; you're getting weaker," I said to him. "And you have less and less influence over her mind."

"You are mind-control creatures, and you work through the chemistry and electronics of the brain. Am I correct?"

"Right! We have power in that," he emphasized.

"I bind you from using that power because that poweris only allowed by God. You are an invader and a squatter; and you must leave this body because it is bought by the blood of Christ. It is dedicated to the Lord Jesus. She wants to serve Him, doesn't she?"

"Yeah," came the dejected answer.