Germaine Koh

from SIGNS and

Germaine Koh is represented by Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver. Her work is included in an exhibit, "Important Canadian Art" at ZieherSmith Gallery.

from SIGNS. Printed plastic signs with self-adhesive vinyl. 2002. Dimensions: each panel is 8" x 12".

A series made by blocking out words from pre-printed signs using pieces of self-adhesive vinyl, in order perhaps to isolate the underlying sentiments behind these standard communications. For example, "Sorry, we're closed" becomes the simple and abject "Sorry", or a series of prohibition signs becomes the litany "NO NO NO", or "HELP WANTED" devolves into a desperate call for "HELP". These are installed in out-of-the-way spots of the room, as these types of sign usually are.

from PRAYERS. Intervention with computer, electronic circuitry and smoke machine. 1999. Dimensions: variable.

Throughout the day, a computer interface captures all the keystrokes typed on another computer within the same building. In real time, this raw data is translated to Morse code and broadcast into the surrounding atmosphere in the form of Morse-encoded smoke signals issuing from a vent or other opening in the building as longer and shorter puffs of smoke. More and less active at various times of the day and its output more and less visible under varying conditions, the apparatus is a kind of exhaust system for the machine of daily industry. At the same time, it relates today's electronic communications to previous technological and communications revolutions: telegraph, binary languages, steam power, smoke signals. Everyday hopes and fleeting desires, channelled through the implements of daily work, are briefly given form as they are dispersed into the world at large, on the wing of a prayer.