Joshua Borgmann


asks what happened after the baby swallowed the money then steps back now that's some crazy shit might depend how much money exactly how exploratory parents can be coins or bills one might ask does the child weigh more or less does such measure

$$$ value

of the swallowed vomit dreams of unchewed lottery tickets multi-million $$ Powerball jackpots won with the child's birthday passing uneventfully over 1 in 80 million holy days in an unholy month of rabid dogs and strawmen unsewn by stomach pumps and activated charcoal allowing easier probing in black not brown and red may be proven coins cannot fit inside nose tubes in a throat stuck blueness may result if parents are not available consult South Park episode entitled "Pinkeye" for instructions on proper embalming with Worcestershire sauce Kenny's mortician has answers whether it's MIR fallen from the sky or swallowed money it's still a shame when something like this happens to a child.



This is an old poem that I wrote before discovering that subverting the
sonnet was good fun and as a result, it's hard for me to say much about it.
I believe it came into existance as a response to an assignment given to me
at ISU. The idea of a baby swallowing money was somehow involved in the
assignment and as with all assignments I tried to twist it in someway
(though in this one it seems like a fairly straight response). The idea to
me was to string together these loosely related ideas and images in a way
that could be read several ways (hence the lack of punction and the
elimination of a number of articles). At the same time, I wanted a poem
that would work well performed as well, a real barn-ripper. So here it is
South Park, Powerball, and everything between. Make of it what you will.