Derek White




2. Inscription, entrance of S.M. de Cosmedia, Rome, Italy.

3. Found tile chards, Positano, Italy.

4. h/2π = 1.0545 x 10 ^-27 erg sec; 2-slit interference pattern.

6. "From a Modern Human's Brow—or Doodling?," Science, January 2002.

7. "Evolution Genetics and Eugenics?" by Horatio Hackett Newman, University of Chicago Press, 1921; dream (date unknown).

8. Unknown sources.

10. Hertz rental vehicle, Los Angeles

11. —1— and —2 —subway, Broadway and 23rd street, Manhattan.

12. Schedule X, 2001 filing of 1040 Federal Tax Return.

13. Australopthecines (a.k.a. "Lucy"), 2-3 million years B.C., Tanzania East Africa.

14. "Quark" borrowed indirectly via particle physics from Finnegan's Wake, James Joyce (adapted in Keystone, Colorado).

17. Aerial View of Central Park, Manhattan (shifted 28 degrees); embedded strange attractor.

18. Inscription on door, "Sagrada Familia" by Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain.

19. Sole of my foot; acupuncture model; Cage fonts; I Ching.

20. Periodic Tilings from "The Emperor's New Mind" by Robert Penrose, pg. 133 (found by Majorie Rice in 1976).

21. Huichol drawing (yarn and bee’s wax), Jalisco, Mexico.

22. Mandelbrot Set; Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

23. 2_ masts, with reefed mizzen topsail yard.

24. Found conch, Port Lucaya, Bahamas.

25. Found x-ray, anatomy unknown.

27. Ibid (11); Tibetan textile (gift from brother).

28. Sonata VII by Mozart.

29. Argentine and U.S. currency; Fibonacci series.

30. Assigned jury duty, Manhattan Supreme Court, September 4, 2001.

32. Rongorongo (hieroglyphic script of Easter Island).

33. Found composition; champagne cork from New Years Eve 2001.

34. Floor of Duomo, Siena, Italy.

35. Text inscriptions; clock, Ibid.




Exhibits H & I are from my unpublished collection, "23 Text Tiles," which explores the discrete. Why 23? It is the number of pieces in the collection. 23 is a prime number (divisible only by itself and 1). In this context it refers to 23rd street, Manhattan, in one of the few remaining subway stations (1 and 2 lines) that still implement mosaic tiling. See endnote 11 (also prime).

Exhibit I is a digital scan of a piece of textile my late brother brought me from Tibet. Besides being a play on "Text Tile," it is yet another representation of discrete information (knots), and the looming pattern is analogous to the street/avenue human construct. The diagonal cross-thatch patterns in both H & I are also embodied in "Udder Scales of Blackness" (forthcoming in xtant), which is based on a recent finding of by far the oldest human "art" found in a cave in South Africa (see endnote 6).

The Endnotes are the expository endnotes for "23 Text Tiles." Credit and thanks to our illustrious editor Ander Monson for thinking of displaying just these endnotes out of context from the pieces they refer to (if you break off any chunk of a true hologram, it should contain all the information necessary to recreate the whole piece in its entirety). Endnote 7 is in reference to "Include Yourself in the Experiment," previously published in DIAGRAM 1.3.