Laurence Davies's work has appeared before in DIAGRAM. He's finishing a novel, The Cup of the Dead, and putting together a collection of microfictions.

A Russian underground poet during the Soviet seventies and eighties, Sergey Gandlevsky melds a slangy vernacular with traditional forms and meters, creating a poetry marked by a feeling of inner exile, mundane degradations, and apocalyptic longing. His poems witness both to the twilight of the Soviet regime and to his own inner poetic journey. Winner of both the Little Booker Prize and the Anti-Booker Prize in 1996 for his poetry and prose, Gandlevsky is the author of four books of poems; a memoir, Trepanation of the Skull (1996); a book of essays, Poetic Cuisine (1998); and a novel [Unintel.] (2001). He has been included in English translation anthologies 20th Century Russian Poetry: Silver and Steel (Doubleday Press, 1993), The Third Wave (University of Michigan Press, 1992), and In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era (Zephyr Press 1999).

William Ashley Johnson is an English lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His poems have most recently appeared in the Greensboro Review, storySouth, Poem, and The Southeast Review.

Elizabeth Kerlikowske is an English instructor at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan, where it always smells like breakfast. She has three chapbooks of poetry and a forthcoming anthology of children's stories from March Street Press, and she just won first prize in the Live Poets Society (NY) Annual Poetry Contest.

Matthew Kirby lives in Brooklyn. He is a frequent film interpreter at and a member of Weeping Rivet.

Matthew Lippman lives in Brooklyn, teaches English and Creative Writing at Roslyn High School, and has poems appearing in The Iowa Review, West Branch, American Poetry Review, Forklift, and Beloit Poetry Journal.

Philip Metres' poems and translations have been published in numerous journals and in Best American Poetry 2002, In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era (Zephyr Press, 1999). A Kindred Orphanhood: Selected Poems of Sergey Gandlevsky, is forthcoming from Zephyr Press in 2003. Catalogue of Comedic Novelties: Selected Poems of Lev Rubinstein is forthcoming from ugly duckling presse. Primer for Non-Native Speakers, a chapbook, is forthcoming from Kent State (2004). He is an assistant professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland and a frequent contributor to DIAGRAM.

Rachel Moritz hails originally from the east coast but now makes her home and her poetry in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Controlled Burn, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Word for/Word, among others. She is slowly inching her way toward an MFA in writing at Hamline University and makes her living as an exhibit developer at a science center in Saint Paul.

Lindsay Packer recently received an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has also been awarded a Fulbright-Hays Grant in Installation Art for her project Site-Specific: Substance, Intention and Meaning of Ephemeral Imagery in India and will be living in India during the next academic year. Packer currently lives in Chicago where she works as an artist and designer.

Simon Perchik is a retired lawyer, married with 3 children, four grandchildren, and one of them, Casey, 14 years old, gave him a website for a birthday present: []. He has published widely. This is his second appearance in DIAGRAM. [email]

Evelyn Posamentier lives and writes in California. [email]

Although Mary Ann Rockwell has been writing poetry since she was twelve, she has supported herself (and her now adult daughter) over many years through various careers, such as mail-carrying, pasta-making and nursing. Most recently, she is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Syracuse University, where she also teaches writing. Her work has appeared in such journals as The Widener Review, Ellipses, The Comstock Review, and Pharos.

Kate Schapira lives in the Hudson Valley, where she writes, teaches, and draws and distributes Comics for Peace. This is her second stint as a diagrammarian. [email]

Derek White's writings have been recently published or are forthcoming in Rife, Generator, Sendecki, Café Irreal and Snow Monkey. His chapbook, Mining in the Black Hills, is forthcoming from Linguablanca. He currently works as a producer/writer for pressplay in NYC and can be found [online].

Susan Settlemyre Williams is a retired real estate attorney and an MFA candidate in creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she is associate managing editor of the online journal Blackbird. Her poems have appeared in Calyx, Aethlon, Earth’s Daughters, Pudding, and other small journals.