1. Two Poems
    Kathryn T.S. Bass
  2. The Bombyx Mori as the Bride of Blake
    Darla Beasley
  3. Ice Trucking
    David Berg-Seiter
  4. Footnotes on Being Raw
    Marni Borek
  5. Skeleton of a Poem
    Alissa Carrier
  6. Stratification Exercise
    Maile Chapman
  7. Two Poems
    Terry England
  8. Embarkation
    Eileen Favorite
  9. Two Poems
    Diane Kerr
  10. Armature
    Joshua Kryah
  11. Post-Soviet Sestina (October 1996)
    Philip Metres
  12. Carbon 14: Chant for Materials whose Ages have been Determined
    Rita Moe
  13. Anything is Beautiful if You Say it is
    Jeffrey Salane
  14. Atwater / I, i: Split Version
    Kate Schapira
  15. Remedy
    Eric Schwerer
  16. Libby Poem
    G.C. Waldrep
  17. Things Forgotten
    Scott Weaver
  18. Untitled [14]
    Derek White
  1. Braces and Appliances Used at the Russell Medical Institute for the Cure of Stiff Ankles, Club, Reel and Crooked Feet, Paralysis and Deformities and Shortening of the Lower Limbs, Bunions, etc.
  2. Characteristic Curves: 3 Inch, 2 Stage Centrifugal Pump for Booster Station, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 4" Suction, 3" Discharge
  3. Exception to Normal Distribution (Range Short—Target Long)
  4. Hours of Darkness Increase the Hazards
  5. The Human Factor
  6. After being rubbed, the fountain pen has on it some of the electrons belonging to the flannel.
  7. A representation of the dissolving of sodium molecules in water


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