.. & com see, intuit us plus to kill than itch us to stow cum jerked (surplus, in such pineal circumstants). Not soule animeL kill us to surplus cum jerky, but a reguler fix of nuts & berrys  we forage to stow aged in our tarred pine-hole silo rung vec sled bells (to warn spirits of our coming) .. so come naturely dot com .. to dwell us not in bygone retrospeck, evening to evening, sur such muck-itching nonscents .. & snass ever-sinking cum taxiing tarballs scratches our stopgap chuck-itch for eve coming to fix cum bridged (alt-wise punked).
     So our hêd-charged nogin neath our scalp use us com see to dwell off discriminate bric-a-brac to ring home disguised cum trueTH .. fixing to fathum more than just muckamuck & chuck to put in our spent jock bodys .. skookum to hurl at mock 02 speeds .... in them nem to survive fleeced cozy, sans a nickle to our name.
     By & by we fathum more thunk think-chunks slotted yet .. distinct of what to muck souley for to fix-as-ate, cum jerked. We lick distinct bodys chucked of tillikum, jockeying not just to tongue-touch cashed huloima & to check for ticks .. but us mism mêmes itch to come licked clean in such tit-for-tat reciprocassion .. & so by alt-licking such straps, help us not but to reckon that such hyper-licking circkles verse back to US (still on dotted lines unsung) in stet circumstance .. vec boundries unfixed .. & cuz we reckon such thinking neath our scalp, said thinking becomes deemed loop-ways cum self-evedint trueTH .. a woolf ID to proteck .. & com ça form us the habit of licking 0 huloima clean 1-to-1 .. all the way hither to ghost traces, down to them tainted cul-de-sack .. noze-touched vec such e-scents distink of our pack. (Anote us here in retrospeck that a sandbox machene we of yet to axsess or make, to log kumtux.)
     In bygone passage of dark & lumen & dark & lumen .. over & over, ever verging to brake down .. 01 THink-chunks (of many) intuit us must pass undetected in such sonick passing .. welded clean uv our own suet never to become publick record .. all the same cum 0° son stapled to mism belated sleep-tick past .. uv held sleep-ticks passing in bygone sleeps verse-us sleep-ticks not anchord fast into sleeps not yet bygone as zeroed (in sum holding patturn .. before come us kumtux of the quote insomniack parole .. plenty to make it happen) .... our holey suet stapled down under our scalp chicken-wired then papier-mâchéd (cum stet mism book or alt publiched record). Cum in the regurgitated physickel sound of river arriveing .. gushing even .. we tum-touch sleep-ticks bifurcking & floating by as arc-rêved hive …. kawek to make evedint cullectively in eves not past hole-ways .. to put to mushy papier, cum a loded situation ever sell-fish to pin down for keeps (call us hippocrit) ..




The Becoming is a steam-punk retelling of the Romulus & Remus myth, set on the Oregon coast. Instead of two brothers, the she-wolf delivers a mixed liter of mongrel children & dogs, fathered by a rogue member of the Lewis & Clark expedition. The mixed liter are abandoned, left to their own devices to make sense‹through language‹of the savage land they inherit in the name of manifest destiny. This particular excerpt deals with some self-learned food preservation and grooming habits, and how they become conscious of such behaviorisms.