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T-Shirtage (all clearance at this point, since we only have a few limited sizes left)

Well, here's our newest tshirt, a rooster with some sort of contraption on its awesome eyes. We don't know what the contraption is. Do you? It keeps the light out or maybe splits the light or does something to the light. Maybe it's just for looks, so your rooster looks more hardcore. They usually look hardcore. As do we. AS WILL YOU WHEN YOU BUY THIS SWEET SHIRT. It's pretty fly (for a white guy). Actually, no, it's just pretty fly.

The shirt is a very light weight ring-spun Gildan SoftStyle 65/35 poly/cotton blend (so a little stretchy). The fit and quality is pretty similar to American Apparel's track t-shirts that we love, but without lining the pockets of that fool who runs American Apparel. It's printed white and red on dark heather. It's a super comfy shirt, if we do say so ourselves:


(click for larger)




Rooster Shirt Detail


All we have left are Women's small and mediums. $10 + $3 shipping in US (if you need it shipped elsewhere, go ahead and email us or just checkout and we'll be in touch about shipping cost and options).

We'll have child and toddler sizes coming soon in this space.



Disc Golf Discs

The long-awaited and very powerful DIAGRAM logo disc golf discs are here at last, just in time for summer, whichever summer you prefer.

($1 from every purchase goes to support the reconstruction of the tornado-hit Bowers Park Disc Golf Course in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.)

These make perfect gifts for the disc golf devotee in your life, or for the person whose presence is just irritating enough that you would like to encourage them to take up an outdoor hobby that might soon entirely consume their life, giving you much more free time to compose the deathless prose and poetry that you know you're capable of, if only X wasn't around to block you. Be careful what you wish for, however. Disc golf is a deep, deep sport, and has taken the lives of many women and men before you and yours.

(If you're interested, a short essay on the merits of disc golf (and why it should not be called "frisbee golf") by our editor Ander Monson appears in his book Neck Deep and Other Predicaments (worth a read by all, we think). Another one, originally published in the Oxford American, this one being about Bowers Park, a course in Tuscaloosa, now-tornadoed, very sadly, is reprinted on his website [here]. But we like to believe you know what you're doing already. So.)

We have custom-printed DIAGRAM logo discs in four models by Discraft, one of the two major disc manufacturers, based out of Michigan, as it turns out: the Nuke (a new extra long distance driver), the Buzz (a classic midrange disc with a great deal of glide), the new Buzz SS (slightly straighter than the Buzz), and the Glide (a slightly understable midrange/driver, excellent for newer players). All are in the ESP or Z plastics (we mention this for the knowledgeable & are happy to explain some of the details of these plastics and discs to any and all).

These come in various weights and various colors. Here are some of them:


The Nuke, available in a bright burst yellow [shown], a very pale green, and a turquoise blue:


The Buzz, available in orange [shown], a pale yellow, a hot-ass spritzy pink, and a bright green:


The Buzz SS, available in a semi-pale pink [shown], a turquoise blue [shown], a very pale yellow, a pale, translucent yellow [shown], and a translucent white:




and the Glide, available in a translucent red (that shows a little pink in the light--& the image doesn't really do this justice, sorry) [shown] and a translucent orange:


You may recognize the image from DIAGRAM 10.3, where it appeared as our Table of Contents image. It's "Fig 7.--Repeating Mechanism."

So. Interested?

When you check out, you may request specific weights and colors if you like, and we'll try to fill them as best we can, but we can't guarantee colors or weights, since some are in very low quantities. In general, the Buzz and Buzz SS are available in 177-180g weights. The Glides are a little more various. The Nukes range from 160-180g since you might want a lighter driver.

Buy many now. Once they're gone, they're gone. All discs are $15, with $3 airmail shipping per disc (to the USA; other countries: on receipt of your order, we'll quote you via email some options). We ship single discs, padded, in an envelope. If you order multiple discs, we'll airmail them in a box.

Preferred colors & weights



Clearance T-Shirts

MOST EXCELLENT SHIRT CLEARANCE SALE: we are clearing out our collection to prepare for a new onslaught of awesome. To that end, all our t-shirts are $10 until they are gone. Note that it's possible we won't have your size, in which case we'll email you and either refund your order or suggest an alternative.

Shipping on each clearance shirt is $3 (in USA; if you need it shipped internationall we'll email and invoice you with options). If you order more than one, we'll give you a break on shipping.

Click [Add to Cart] to buy!

General NON-CLEARANCE shipping and handling policies are as follows: $2 for orders up to $13; $5 for $13 to $25 orders; $7 for orders $25 to $50; anything above that is $15. Shirts are shipped priority mail unless you'd rather go with something else, in which case, send us a note with your order so we can calculate the shipping costs and bill you appropriately. International shipping is extra, of course.

Questions? Email [nmp@thediagram.com].

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The Gerbil Does Not Care And in Fact Seems Pleased about the Other Gerbils It May or May Not Have Fed or Killed

Mélange Jersey
Short Sleeve Gym T-Shirt: $10

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Mélange Jersey
Short Sleeve Gym T, $10