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12.02.13: & our last excellent chapbook, Joshua Poteat's For the Animal, is released today. Check it below.


In a litany that is both a grand introduction and the mournful aftermath, Joshua Poteat celebrates, serenades, and grieves the animal passing through the frame in an accident and a perfection of timing. Using a rigid formal principle—9 fully-stopped lines per stanza, each opening with "For the animal"—Poteat carves a multi-faceted crystal prism, taking in the white light of anaphora and scattering out unpredictable bands of composite color. The animal too reveals the layered nature of things: it "pulls from the taxidermy an arsenic shawl"; it "takes silence from the milk"; it hears and measures the "sound of whiteness over the city." Arriving while leaving, the animal is unreliable and steadfast, a witness and accessory, abandoned and preserved. Mimicking the human—or, anthropomorphized by the human—the animal "holds the nail gun," "removes its wig," "replaces abundance with Klonopin." The swelling chords of cognitive dissonance grow deafening until, beyond our perception’s ability and alongside the animal, we visit "the place where names burst like clouds," climb "a ladder of withering blood," and finally "survey the atmosphere." A welcome vision from a heart trapped in a landscape of contradiction. —Oni Buchanan

5"x8", 40pp., $9, ISBN 978-1-934832-42-4. [press release & order form]



10.20.13: Stephanie Dickinson's Heat: an Interview with Jean Seberg released! Order below or on our [chapbooks] page at left. On that page we're also taking preorders for Joshua Poteat's For the Animal (released on 12.01.13).


In Heat: An Interview with Jean Seberg, Stephanie Dickinson becomes the voice of a legendary movie star and the last All-American girl Jean Seberg. Written as a fictional interview, no question is off-limits (French husbands, love with a Black Panther, alcoholism, death of a child, suicide). The imaginary answers are real and haunting as they pull you into a fascinating world of the 1960s. Dickinson skillfully draws on her own Midwestern childhood and with heart-rending imagery gives us a portrait of a dreamy teenager in Marshalltown who "watched the bluegill bite the hook's surprise," a girl who could never shrug off her small-town roots even as she embraced the Paris life of celebrity. Dickinson has written a book of such depth, knowledge and sensitivity that it should be considered the star's authorized biography because had Jean Seberg read this she would have cried with joy at the prospect of finally being understood. —Marina Rubin

Life's an existential journey for Jean Seberg. It's not easy being a seething adolescent sexpot, a free-love heroine of French New Wave films and Black Panthers, a mother, not to mention Joan of Arc burning at a funeral pyre under the direction of Otto Preminger. A film director or critic cuts through the fine façade between life onstage and off—killing and resurrecting. "What's real is make-believe..." just as this interview is. Dickinson's great talent lies not in writing about Jean Seberg but in occupying that space between her spirit and her flesh. Dickinson speaks Seberg, sees Seberg, savors the humiliation of brutish critics until it sours, has felt heavy make up melting on her face, heard the sobs of butterflies alighting in her body's crevices, felt the heat rise from her torched costume, been trapped in a sack, taken to the anvil, hammered. Even then, says Seberg-Dickinson, "I'm deep in the sky. Alive." —Maria Lisella

5" x 8", 80pp, $9, ISBN 978-1-934832-41-7.


10.01.13: OH YESSSSS. Our NMP/DIAGRAM chapbook winner, Deborah Bernhardt's glorious Driftology is now released. Buy it here. Or buy the chapbook subscription just below and get all three.


Deborah Bernhardt's DRIFTOLOGY, the 2013 winner of the New Michigan Press/DIAGRAM chapbook contest, is a thrilling linguistic ride. We'd almost say dizzying, since she shifts so quickly between registers and textures, except that the result's more electrified Van Gogh than vertigo. These poems show--and venerate--their seams. Throw a whole lot of smart and lovely in the "Will It Blend" blender, which shows up in one of Bernhardt's poems, and we get this key-shifting chapbook. Needless to say it's great. 5" x 8", 48pp, $9, ISBN 978-1-934832-40-0.


The 2013 subscription includes three chapbooks: the contest winner Deborah Bernhardt's Driftology, Stephanie Dickinson's Heat: an Interview with Jean Seberg, and Joshua Poteat's For the Animal. All shipped to you on their release (Bernhardt: 10/01/13; Dickinson: 10/15/13; Poteat: 12/01/13) in fall/winter 2013.

Individually they're $9 each, but the series can be yours for $22, including shipping (in the US).


07.05.13: Karyna McGlynn's Scorpionica is released now in its second edition, perfect bound, 5" x 8", with a new color cover. Check it below.


06.30.13: We have our Chapbook Contest Winner announced [here]. And we're taking way early preorders for the 2013 series subscription!

Congratulations to Deborah Bernhardt. While it'll be a while before they're released, we're officially taking preorders for the 2013 subscription, which includes three chapbooks: the contest winner Deborah Bernhardt's Driftology, Stephanie Dickinson's Heat: an Interview with Jean Seberg, and Joshua Poteat's For the Animal. All shipped to you on their release in fall/winter 2013.

You know you love it/them/us. So go ahead and show us: subscribe to the whole series. Individual chapbooks are usually priced at $9 + shipping, so the subscription's a sweet deal at $22, shipping included. We'll send them your way when they're released. You don't even need to remember. Just sit back and let the awesomeness roll into your mailbox.


12.01.12: Last of the 2012 Chapbooks: Justin Runge's Plainsight and Brandon Krieg's Source to Mouth are out!


A finalist for the 2012 NMP/DIAGRAM Chapbook Competition, Brandon Krieg's Source to Mouth is a rangy collection of poems. Reading Emerson and Hopkins, "seven hundred salmon flashes in an hour," "mussels cluster[ing] on black rocks like magnetic shavings," considering the Romans and Etruscans, pointillist dandelions, "white windmills, futurist / crosses," "diminished sixths from the blanching chips / of a mouse's skull," gneiss, and coal and and and... How can we incorporate all these things into a semblance of a self, the lead poem, "I, Inc." asks us. Comprehensive and comprehending, incorporating everything it can find or read or see, Krieg's vision and voice is expansive, an experience.

5" x 8", 60pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-39-4

[press release & order form]




At once documentary in its plain-spoken observations and attuned to the romance of place, this chapbook buzzes with people laboring, cowering ranch houses, food courts and "failed utopias." A history and projective future of the Plains, Runge's poems vibrate with particulars and possibilities. —Megan Kaminski

Justin Runge's staccato travel narrative migrates across Nebraska, marking its stations, east to west, by way of mile and exit numbers on Interstate 80, the ghosted path of the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails. Disembodied in its vehicle, the thinking eye of these poems passes through the placed and put structures in the ether of the lost prairie as if passing the way stations on the road to Compostela, or Basho's narrow road north. At once a feature article and catchall, an elegy and an invitation to new vision, Plainsight reports and collects, laments and reflects: "Everything / is crushed / by this sky, / as if a vise / grip forms / from the ground / and it. Dark / mouth. Posts / but no lights." Here the world is recognized by one of its own. "As Roman / decay was / built in," Runge builds in subtle insight, deftly scored: "Two functions / here: departure / and effluvia." —Peter Streckfus

5" x 8", 56pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-38-7

[press release & order form]




11.15.12: Lucy Anderton's the flung you and Caren Beilin's Americans, Guests, or Us are out!



The awesome Simone Muench says of this: "Sutured with strange, glittering sentences, fat with music and intelligence, the flung you negotiates the kinetic, violent, vigorous dance of existence. Anderton writes with both exuberance and ferocity, conceiving poetry "Stung with nocturne, shy /And savage." Employing tongue and teeth motifs as emblems for the unsaid and the sung, her poems spit, bite, lick and soothe. Adroitly coupling the revelatory with the mysterious as it fuses images of blood owls and "red, wet guts" with "pearled birds" and bowls of stars, the flung you is a dark beautiful beast "soldered in shimmer."

We trust Simone. You trust Simone. Everyone trusts Simone.

5" x 8", 68pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-36-3

[press release & order form]




Remember when we were young and first dreamed of a life of writing? It would be like living as a spy, or in a movie. Life suddenly made sense and could be endured insofar as it could be written. Pain and humiliation could be used. People, good and evil, were characters. Everywhere clarifi ed lush, miraculous images. Not a word, a moment, would be again lowly. In the center was the dream of the writing, taking shape as the unfolding encyclopedia of our lives--heroic, magical, wise. At some point, we actually began to live that life, yet with the humiliation and miraculousness warped. Our mothers and fathers are dead. Everything has burned or is gone with the wind. What remains is the encyclopedia, from which Caren Beilin's writings have been torn--more hallucinatory, mas-
turbatory and sociopathic, while also more bold, brave and beautiful, than our minds once conceived. Americans, Guests, or Us is the realization and destruction of the dream. And we are within it, animal and timeless: inhabitants, strangers, the writing, the vengeance; the heartrock of Earth's outer space.
So says Brandon Shimoda.

and Jesse Bercowetz sez: Harsh and sexy and at all times uniquely American.

We concur. You should too. READ! BUY!

5" x 8", 60pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-37-0

[press release & order form]




10.15.12: Weston Cutter's All Black Everything has been released. It rocks. Perhaps you'd like to order it.



"Weston Cutter's poems are ecstatic—reaching out, pulling an eyelid over, pulling everything in. Emerson's transparent eyeball and Ashbery's convex mirror combine in symphony, with the Peterson's Field Guide to North American Birds for a libretto and a train derailment for an orchestra. That's Cutter's address. Keep walking till you see light streaming from the chimneys and the windows every moving thing is crowded in. What's inside: more zoology than zoo, more everything than ever." —Jake Adam York

"Cutter's world is vividly and joyfully detailed—here be licking and willows and liquor and birds and and and—but his book's central subject is its thrilling syntax, which rushes wild, stops short, tests, sniffs, hesitates, and gusts away again, ever on the verge of chaos but never quite out of control. It's a delirious ride, equal parts scary and beauty; you'll enjoy every minute you dare to." —Joel Brouwer

"Weston Cutter's poems are accelerants of invention—highly flammable as they careen adeptly past matches, burlap, and gods on fire. What the poems give light to is what gets traded, lost, or abandoned as our past and possible lives lose their force, and we are left to claim the improbable, persistent self. Such awareness results in the restless hilarity of never quite knowing whether 'the neighbor's dog's barking at meaningless blowing leaves or someone approaching finally with the axe.' Disconcerting, really, to have this much fun racing to watch the fire and finding it's our own house in flames. —Jennifer Boyden

5" x 8", 72pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-34-9



09.25.12: George Kalamaras' The Mining Camps of the Mouth, our 2012 Chapbook Contest Winner. This rocks. Order below or on the [chapbooks] page!



"In The Mining Camps of the Mouth, George Kalamaras's newest book, we encounter a poet "who dares to write location—and not just about location." Kalamaras tramps over the most tramped-over area as cultural ideal in American life—the West. With the aid of grave witchers who dowse up corpses, he untombs lives never mentioned in the history books, mining camp prostitutes for one. To these unheralded lives, he adds his memories of his dog Barney, the poet Gene Frumkin, and a 'Dream in Which Frank Waters Is My Mother' where Waters tells him 'it's easier to grieve than to mouth the sound of now.' This book, which ends with an astute send-up of cultural criticism, continues and enriches this important poet's explorations
of subjectivity and the discourses it drives, including history, as he 'mouths the sound of now.'" —Roger Mitchell

"Kalamaras laurels that part of freedom which knows no bounds except the crime of love. Read him sideways, read him backwards. This is the mouth of a cannon that fires at all conventional assumptions." —Alvaro Cardona-Hine

5" x 8", 92pp, $9

ISBN 978-1-934832-35-6



07.31.12: 2012 Chapbook Series Subscription is now freaking available!

This year NMP is publishing 6, count them, 6, chapbooks in its series. That's a lot of chapbooks! But they're all so good. We don't have covers for all of them yet, but we do have the first two, George Kalamaras's contest-winning The Mining Camps of the Mouth and Weston Cutter's All Black Everything (covers below, yo).

George's releases 09.25.12, and Weston's 10.15.12. You can order either or both on the [chapbooks] page now & we'll ship them to you on release (or shortly before).

But, seriously, there are two better ways to buy the chapbooks. 1> The best, by far, is by subscribing to the whole 2012 series. You'll get all six for $39, which includes shipping in the USA (they're $9 ea + shipping normally). You don't even have to remember to buy the others. We'll just ship them out when they're released, one at a time, culminating in December 2012.

You'll get periodic installments, then, of awesome prose & poetry in monster designs: George & Weston's chapbooks (out in the next few weeks—Weston's is poetry; George's is a hybrid beastie). Lucy Anderton's the flung you (11.15.12); a fiction chapbook, Caren Beilin's Americans, Guests, or Us (11.15.12); Brandon Krieg's Source to Mouth (12.01.12); and Justin Runge's Plainsight (12.01.12); and perhaps a special gift around the holiday season too.

What better way to give a gift that comes in installments? So...


2>, also known as THE SECOND OPTION, is to pick & choose the three you're most excited about for $25, which also includes shipping. It's better than ordering them individually, but not quite as good as going all in to the whole set. But you know sometimes you're just not that sure. We can dig it. When you check out please include the last names of the three 2012 authors you'd like, and we'll ship em when we have them in stock.

Choose 3:

Okay then. Order away!


07.01.12: New chapbooks are on their way in the fall!

06.01.12: Chapbook contest & Innovative Fiction contest winners announced. See [contest].

01.26.12: Oh, check out the new sweet DIAGRAM shirt:

Rooster Shirt Detail

Pick it up [here].

01.15.12: Lauren Shapiro's Yo-Yo Logic is out and shipping! Order it [here].

12.15.11: Barbara Maloutas's Of Which Anything Consists is out and shipping! Order it [here].

11.15.11: Release day for chapbook contest winner James D'Agostino's Slur Ouevre and Karen Carcia's On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing, both shipping today. Order [here].

10.31.11: Happy Halloween! Preordering of the 2011 chapbook series (by subscription--individual orders will be up soon) is on the chapbooks page. But the info's here too. More to come, of course.

Note that the 2012 chapbook contest guidelines are now up too: [here]


Oh yes, it's the chapbookiest time of year. The four new NMP chapbooks roll out soon, and the subscription is the way to get them, in order: chapbook contest winner James D'Agostino's Slur Ouevre on 11.15.11; Karen Carcia's On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing, also on 11.15.11; Barbara Maloutas's Of Which Anything Consists on 12.01.11; and lastly Lauren Shapiro's Yo-Yo Logic, on 01.15.12. If you order the set, we'll ship them as early as we have them, even if it's before pub date.

The whole set is $30, shipping included (in the USA; shipping's extra internationally).

What better way to give a gift that comes in installments?

Reasons for ordering may include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) to remind the person that you love them; (2) to remind the recipient that you like them somewhat; (3) to remind the recipient that you thought they were punk rock; (4) to remind the recipient that you thought they were a good writer with impeccable taste; (5) to remind them to brush their teeth every once in a while, like every month or two; (6) to woo (90% proven success rate); (7) to curse (50% chance of cursing recipient or self, if you miss the saving throw); (8) to teach them to read.



07.07.11: And we have our 2011 chapbook contest winners chosen! Notifications have gone out by email to all who entered via the submissions manager, and via post to all who entered hardcopy and provided SASEs.

Our winner is James D'Agostino's Slur Oeuvre. He received the $1,000 honorarium, and publication.

Additionally we'll publish three of the finalists:

  • Karen Carcia's On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing
  • Barbara Maloutas' Of Which Anything Consists
  • Lauren Shapiro's Yo-Yo Logic

And here are our other excellent finalists:

  • Jack Boettcher's Animals Resisting Arrest
  • Christine Bown's Lithiasis
  • William Carty's The Watchtower
  • Liz Countryman's Like Like Poles
  • Justin Dodd's Outtakes from My Boys
  • Christopher Lirette's Disquisitiones Pornographiae
  • Scott McFarland's America I'm Not Talking to You
  • James Meetze's Phantom Hour
  • Frank Montesonti's For Oh, Yvonne I Am
  • JoAnna Novak's Manning Up
  • Kory Shrum's Triboluminescence
  • Joseph Spece's A Forest Walk
  • Daniel Story's Richard Falls in Love
  • M. Thompson's Fatal Accidents, Not Necessarily Complete

Everyone who provided a suitable ($2 postage in USA, at least 6" x 9") SASE will receive their complimentary copy of the winner when it's published.

Check back for the 2012 guidelines in the fall.

01.21.11: Rather Massive DIAGRAM t-shirt clearance sale! All shirts in stock are $10 until they're gone. [HERE]

01.01.11: Jennifer S. Cheng's Invocation: an Essay released and shipping!

11.27.10: Zachary Harris's There is another poem, in which the news is erased and rewritten released!

[forthcoming on 01.01.11]: Jennifer S. Cheng's Invocation: an Essay to be released! Preorder now! (Or, better, buy the 2010 chapbook subscription, yo.)



There is another poem, in which the news is erased and rewritten is a great, strange beast of a debut. Studded with esoterica like musical theatre, Anita Ekberg, the Scythians, a Victorian photographer, Larry Levis, Samson, not to mention ABBA and the Talking Heads along with a treatise and philosophical inquiry on soft-shell, or piss-, clams, Harris's excellent chapbook digs its own gorgeous, luminary trench. Zachary Harris's There is another poem, in which the news is erased and rewritten contains and performs its own cabinet of wonders.

[press release & mail order form]

5" x 8", 52pp. $9.00

ISBN: 978-1-934832-28-8.

Invocation: an Essay: Jennifer S. Cheng


[press release & order form]

5" x 8", 56pp. $9.00.

ISBN: 978-1-934832-27-1.






Vivisection: Eric Weinstein, 2010 Chapbook Contest winner

"Reading these poems bring to mind the precision, the imagination and the profound questioning of being of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings where metal and flesh would seem to mate and mesh to be animated in perpetual movement. With a preternatural mastery of meter and rhyme, Weinstein's verses become wonderful human machines to convey, with the precision of scalpels, the complex uncertainties and the sorrows of living." —Breyten Breytenbach

"These elegant lines cut deep, not into bodies but into thoughts, thoughts about bodies, about the pain, shame, and delight of incarnation. For Eric Weinstein, poetry may be vivisection, but vivisection is, for him, metaphysical, an art of awe and understanding, where it is not so much poetry as our own contradictions that rend us, that appear to us, in these pages, with such an arresting tension, between galaxy and microbe, flesh and metal, living and dead. These poems peer into the dark." —Joseph Donahue

"Weinstein's Vivisection exposes the beating heart of its subjects with no loss of life: these remarkable poems are pensive yet urgent, allusive yet never needlessly elusive, grounded yet never sentimental. If this is surgical poetry, its implements—graceful precision, incisive thought, a meticulous accounting of the self's sacred and fungible parts—are wielded by a poet of significant subtlety and skill. ‘I have a heart & so I know / how to make one,' writes Weinstein—and the reader who fully registers the tensile structure and pulsing warmth of these poems is inclined to agree." —Seth Abramson

"What is this quintessence of dust to me? Hamlet asks a flummoxed, completely overmatched duo pressed into the service of politicians, not more than a breath or two after he's exclaimed man to be a piece of work. As if in answer, Eric Weinstein launches Vivisection, this volley of vaulting philosophies. Here, the vehicles of body that give humankind its various and temporary residences are real, fragile, desirous, terrible pieces of work. In one poem after another, the hearts and the brains tough out another moment or month in their nearly involuntary quest to endure. But in the face of inexorable finitude, Weinstein's poems know and sing what we need to remember, what poems themselves remind us: that the brevity and transience that we might otherwise rue charges our existence with meaning. Detail by luminous detail, Vivisection insists on the value and significance of the vast co-op that is life, sentient and non-. In doing so, he implicates us in a sad and gorgeous summons to a world that we might otherwise only fear." —Marc McKee

5" x 8", 72pp, perfect bound. $9.00. ISBN: 978-1-934832-25-7. [press release & order form] Or buy here:


Climate Reply: Trey Moody

"Reading Trey Moody's poems feels a little like standing among flags slapping in a bright wind in a field of flags, except that it's the middle of the night and each flag moves according to its own force. This new, serious, vivid, original voice reports from necessity. These beautiful poems are layered, foreboding, magnetic, preternaturally wise."
—Kathleen Peirce

"When I was a boy, I choked on a piece of candy outside the kitchen window for a few minutes while watching my parents making dinner. I thought I was going to die, but I didn't want to scare them. Our existence was so separate, a dying and a doing well, an outside and an inside. Trey Moody's poems hover in that cold, wet, refrigerator-lit place between the dying and the doing well, the outside and the inside. His poems are the thoughts of the person you love who is always standing behind you, slowly and silently suffocating. But they're not afraid to say hello, and please, and I'm scared." —Zachary Schomburg

"Artful without being pretentious, well-made without being staid, Trey Moody's investigations of our weird and ordinary world are a little off, by which I mean that they're onto something. Read ‘em and be crept into."—Graham Foust

5" x 8", 48pp, perfect bound. $9.00. ISBN: 978-1-934832-26-4. [press release & order form]



[07.21.10]: The NMP/DIAGRAM Chapbook Contest Results are in [here].

[02.08.10]: 10 of DIAGRAMs, the DIAGRAM 10th Anniversary issue slash card deck is available for ordering! Below, y'all, or on the Anthologies page!

10 of DIAGRAMs

(10th anniversary special print issue which is also a deck of cards)

(note: this is a limited edition, print run of 1000)

Shipping now!

10 of DIAGRAMs, an anthology celebrating ten years of this little kickass magazine, takes the form of a full deck of cards (poker-size). It is playable, an actual deck of cards. It is also readable, a special issue of DIAGRAM. It includes, as you may imagine, a number of new diagrams.

We asked former contributors and other favorite writer-types to pick a card, any card, and to write or draw or whatever a piece for that card. The piece--prose or poem or sometimes both--would have to indicate the suit and rank of the card, so the deck is actually usable for poker, euchre, old maid, etc.. It is also suitable for framing, gifting, and reading. Well, the fonts are occasionally a little small, as you may imagine. Plus there are a bunch of awesome new diagrams, as you might imagine.

Pictured at left is the (top) box front, (middle) box back, and (bottom) card back.

The writers who wrote pieces for us are Stephanie Anderson, Sarah Blackman, Jenny Boully, Jason Bredle, Lucy Corin, John D'Agata, Brian Evenson, Tom Fleischmann, Albert Goldbarth, Heidi Gotz, Caitlin Horrocks, Melanie Jordan, Paul La Farge, Dolly Laninga, Sean Lovelace, Barbara Maloutas, Ben Marcus, Michael Martone, Philip Metres, Ander Monson, Manuel Muñoz, Lia Purpura, Emma Ramey, Aurelie Sheehan, Michael Sheehan, Katie Jean Shinkle, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Bruce Smith, Nicole Walker, Kellie Wells, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Mark Yakich, Jake Adam York, and Charles Yu.

ISBN: 978-1-934832-23-3: $10.


[01.24.10]: 2010 New Michigan Press/DIAGRAM chapbook contest guidelines are up. Mailing deadline is 04.30.10.

[01.15.10]: we have revamped the website. Order chapbooks via the "order chapbooks" link at left; order clothing/swag at the "clothing/swag" link; order the anthologies, including 10 of DIAGRAMs, the DIAGRAM 10th anniversary anthology, forthcoming in February 2010, under "DIAGRAM anthologies." Rock on.

[12.31.09]: Just in time for the new year, the new issue of DIAGRAM (9.6) is up at the homestead. Additionally, the 2009 Hybrid Essay Contest results are up at the contest page. And, we have two spanking new chapbooks that are shipping now (though their official release isn't until next week. In addition to Brent Armendinger's awesome Undetectable (below), THRILL to the sights and sounds of our 2009 Chapbook Contest winner Ben Mirov's I is to Vorticism, and the smokingness of Genine Lentine's Mr. Worthington's Beautiful Experiments on Splashes.

I is to Vorticism: Ben Mirov

(the 2009 NMP/DIAGRAM chapbook contest winner)

Bad-assed, smart, and woven of very rich thread, Mirov's debut is an awesome and highly entertaining one. Let's hear from the experts on the subject:

"A recurring character in the poetry of Ben Mirov is Ben Mirov, part charming host, part self-inflicted lab experiment in a debut dedicated to demonstrating our daily, perilous transformations. These poems are sudden, agile, heart-strong, and as wonderfully unsolvable as their analogical title. Welcome to the surgical theater. You're finally going to learn how to sleep with your eyes open." --Dobby Gibson

Also: "These poems and parables celebrate the idea of no self, even as they sing a host of eccentric alter-egos and delightfully strange secret-identities into being. Using 'interstellar ventriloquism,' Ben Mirov is able to inhabit several worlds at once. He deftly mixes the mythic with the mundane, the literary with the cartoonish, sincerity and simulacra. The result is an impressive, often hilarious, book that truly works on many levels." --Elaine Equi

5" x 8", 48pp, perfect bound, rocking color cover. $9.00.

[pdf press release]

ISBN: 978-1-934832-21-9.


Mr. Worthington's Beautiful Experiments on Splashes: Genine Lentine

(a 2009 NMP/DIAGRAM chapbook contest finalist)

"Reading Genine Lentine's poems--so ardent and playful, risky and affecting--I kept thinking that it's not true, what René Char once said, that 'no bird has the heart to sing in a thicket of questions.' These poems plunge headlong into uncertainties of both language and life and, in doing so, they are so original that I often felt while reading them that I was in the grip of a brand new and still unnamed emotion." --Richard McCann

"These clear, refreshing acts of attention seem to wake us to another way of seeing, and to the problems and pleasures of saying what we see. Have we taken the act of speech for granted all along? In her short, formally inventive pieces--and especially in her dazzling long poem about language's power and limits that anchors this collection--Lentine sounds like no one else. Her wry, astonished, aching voice is a fresh presence in American poetry." --Mark Doty

"Beautiful experiments from the spiraling ladder of someone who has spread out her root hairs and patiently attends the right words to assign; one who is there to honor the instant something shimmers before it disappears, be 'it' the meaning of 'all this' or the lack thereof, not unlike Mr. Worthington photographing a droplet's splash he so ingeniously rigged to measure. And what doesn't Genine Lentine's aqueous breath expel--a disquisition on Softsoap, a sideways look at the motivational expression of Grenville Kleiser, the speed of sperm, along with a little consideration of the comma, the prefix un-, the contour of a vowel. Ms. Lentine's experiments begin and end with the parent body as it breaks away, that 'which asks nothing of us, only that we're here for it.' She is here." -- C. D. Wright

"These thrilling poems--restless, calm, reckless, wise--interrogate themselves by hovering over moments of aching beauty, as well as utter bewilderment, until they become the world itself." --Nick Flynn

5.5" x 8.5", 77pp, perfect bound, rocking color cover. $10.00. ISBN: 978-1-934832-22-6. [pdf press release]


Undetectable: Brent Armendinger

(a 2009 NMP/DIAGRAM chapbook contest finalist)

Brent Armendinger's poems are smart, elegiac, and wonderful, filled with formal play, the vapor between rainfall, skies full of knives, and the memories of breath. Undetectable celebrates and makes visible the body's perforations, the openings between the body and the world, and manifests them in the fracture evident everywhere in this book. These poems pose questions of loveliness and loneliness: Where do syllables take us? and What would it take for the window / to be the wish?

The cute new size: 5" x 8", 60pp, perfect bound, rocking color cover. $9.00.

[pdf press release]

ISBN: 978-1-934832-20-2.


News [01.20.09]: The New T-shirts (MANY EYES) are shipping now. Reserve yours today or pick them up at our table at the AWP conference in Chicago around Valentine's Day.