Chad Davidson and John Poch


          Hockey banning fights?
Who came up with this winner?
          Let's cudgel his brains.


          The empty-net goal—
taking candy from babies:
          sad, sweet, sometimes sour.


          Berzerk hockey dads
have different priorities.
          Coach has a shiner.


          Hasek and Hatcher?
What is up with the Hs?
          Happy Hull has help.


          O Donald Brasheer,
Flying face first into glass:
          Love yourself, your face.


          Eddie Belfour drinks.
Virgil Suarez writes too much.
          Eddie Belfour drinks.


          Let us go then, you
and I, as the home team is
          just stinking it up.


          Lydwina, Patron
Saint of Skaters, do you pray
          for Mike Modano?


          Huffy Henry hid
the puck. Uncheckable, he
          was uncheckable.


          I heard a fly buzz.
Or that Philly Flyer Burke
          just concussed my head.



Print out hockey haiku on standard Avery 5160 label sheets and post them everywhere! To this end, we offer the following links:

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