Rob Wilson Engle



I think you did something terrible to my body        I am a man man     wound up     turning you against the mirror      to watch your own reflection      you are a terrible wave     curling like a left hook right for my incisor                ten blunt nails pulling down
a back                hard to tell             if they're friendly or not      it is a recipe      it is very traditional      not very expensive       like a fable        passed on orally you said       keep your hair long       and handed me a bowl of potato soup               what else is there to do in December       I said okay        and did not attempt to remove your clothes      until you took my hands off       spread them out on the table        like       here have all ten              I was so grateful                 I nearly
tore my head apart









For further reading on the body and masculinity, look to Body Memory by Joel Peckham, one of my college writing mentors.