Hannah Sanghee Park

Like a frame within a frame the fossil
carried a carcass, a carapace, 

and its own casket in another casket,
its own natural sarcophagus. 

I never told anyone this story:
in a summer like this I ate a nectarine

until its rough corduroy pit, continued
rolling and chewing it until it hinged

open, and an inert spider, sitting 
in white wisp, was inside like a small jewel.

How does a thing feel real. The layers
comprising me are, reductively, soft

hard, soft, an easy sift to the truth 
but the hard sell and swallow done anyway.      





Is as it had not been—      (Dickinson)

I'm interested in double-takes and double natures: when one thing gives (a) way to another thing. On a related note, I wish Kinder eggs were legal here.